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Sri Lankan archery team participates in the Vision 2014 Training Program

◯ The “OCA-Incheon Vision 2014 Program”, legacy of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and an extremely popular and successful program among countries with modest sporting capabilities across Asia, is ready to welcome its first guests of the year.

◯ Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok) announced its plans to invite the Sri Lankan national archery team. The seven-man delegation will train in Incheon for three weeks from April 7 to April 26. Mansubuk Middle School archery team coach Lee Gyeong-sook will join the Sri Lankan team as the Korean training partner for the program.

◯ Throughout the training program, the Sri Lankan team will train under the advanced training systems, which will be customized for each individual, available in Incheon. Also, the delegation will take part in other programs including cultural activities and programs that will help them improve performance.

◯ Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan archery team is led by Lee Chung-woon (47) who had represented Incheon Metropolitan City as an athlete and coach in the past. Lee competed as an archer in Guwol Middle School and Sunin High School before moving on to his coaching career at Inchon Girls’ Middle School and Incheon Seomyeon Elementary School.

After his stint as a coach, Lee took the role as an administrator and worked as the Director of Public Relations at the Incheon Archery Association. Later on, he resumed his career in coaching, traveling to Nepal to head its national archery team as part of the OCA-Incheon Vision 2014 Program in November 2012. As for his latest position, Lee has been leading the Srik Lankan archery team since December 2015.

◯ Coach Lee Chung-woon expressed appreciation for the Program saying, “I appreciate the opportunity to help train our athletes in Korea which is a world-class nation when it comes to archery. I am confident that this program will give the Sri Lankan archery team the opportunity to motivate themselves and improve their performance.”

◯ As for Vision 2014, Incheon Metropolitan City has been promoting the Program to achieve more balanced development in the field of sports across Asia and to improve the City’s brand. Since 2007, Incheon has hosted 200 different programs, helping it earn its moniker as a ‘valuable legacy for the future’ from various countries. Incheon has continued a steady stream of training programs for sporting minority nations as part of the Program even after the 2014 Incheon Asian Games to carry on the noble values that the Vision 2014 Program aspires to. The Program truly has become an exemplary case of public sports diplomacy in Asia.
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