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A new beginning in 2017 for the OCA-Incheon Vision 2014 Program

○ The Vision 2014 Program, a joint project by Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok) and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) conceived in 2007 to celebrate the 17th Incheon Asian Games, will remain active in 2017.

○ By continuing to host field training programs for some of the smaller Asian countries in sports and promoting its activities around the world even after the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the City of Incheon has been lauded for playing a leading role in the development and exchange of sports around the world.

○ This year’s invitational field training program will bring in athletes from five countries including Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mongolia. In particular, Incheon plans to extend its support to a wider variety of sports by selecting new events such as Kurash and Soft Tennis. As for Kurash, Incheon will invite athletes from Uzbekistan, the country where the sport was born, to improve performance of both Korean and Uzbekistani athletes and to develop the foundation and awareness for Kurash in Korea.

○ Also, the city plans to create and manage an exclusive corner for the Vision 2014 Program on its website available in foreign languages to promote the excellence of the Vision 2014 Program. Key information regarding the program will be updated on a rolling basis to share the progress of the City‘s Vision 2014 Program with the world.

○ Additionally, Incheon created a new banner for the Vision 2014 Program along with the information officer at Incheon Metropolitan City to brand the Vision Program better and to stimulate the website.
This banner brings together the new urban brand image of Incheon, the symbol of OCA, and the English name of the Vision 2014 Program. The new banner is expected to promote not only the Vision 2014 Program but also the City of Incheon.

○ At the moment, the banner is displayed on the first page of OCA’s website ( which attracts sports personnel from all over the world. When the banner is clicked, it redirects the user to the Vision 2014 Program’s website and offers details on field training programs hosted by Incheon.

○ Incheon Metropolitan City will continue to promote the noble values of the Vision 2014 Program which has left a huge legacy in developing sports more equally across Asia, and enhance the City‘s reputation as an advanced sports city around the world.


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