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Bhutan boxing team had Vision 2014 overseas training

◯ Continuing the spirit of the 2014 Asian Games, ‘The OCA-Incheon Vision 2014 Program,’ a program to help Asian nations with fewer medals that has had good response from participating nations, has its fourth recipient.
◯ Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor: Yoo Jeong-bok) announced that the city has provided a 2-week invitational overseas training program for 8 boxers from Bhutan, from October 19 to 31, 2016. Mr. Kim Won-chan, the coach of the Incheon City Hall Boxing Team, helped train the team in Incheon Metropolitan City.
◯ The Bhutan boxers received individually-customized training with an advanced training system using cutting-edge facilities in Incheon, and were offered various programs, including culture experiences, during their stay. In particular, a ‘Performance-enhancing program’ that has been popular with participants. In this program, participants had their physical strength checked and received professional counseling in areas such as exercise therapy and sports rehabilitation services. The participants have rated it highly as it has contributed greatly to athletes’ performance.
◯ Before the program started Coach Kim said, “the Vision 2014 Program provides promising athletes in Asia with good opportunities to experience Korea’s advanced training system, and I am confident that both Bhutanese and Korean athletes will be greatly motivated and have opportunities to improve their skills.”
◯ Since 2007 ‘The OCA-Incheon Vision 2014 Program’ has been pursued for the purpose of balancing the growth of Asian sports and improving the city's brand value. To date, the number of programs offered has reached 200. The program has been highly evaluated as a ’Valuable heritage for the future.’ Incheon Metropolitan City has been continuing to offer training programs for athletes from nations with fewer medals after the Incheon Asian Games 2014 concluded. The city has become a model of sports diplomacy by spreading the noble values of the Vision 2014 Program.

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