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Improved Public Transportation

Songdo with more bus routes and better service

Incheon citizens now can enjoy better bus transportation service with a sharp increase in the number of bus routes. The more diversified bus service comes along with the changes in local transportation, including the launch of Incheon Subway Line 2 and the extension of Suin Line (a metro line linking Incheon with Suwon), with a view to meeting the transit needs of citizens and providing more transportation conveniences.

Incheon Subway Line 2

Incheon Subway Line 2 is a 27 station subway line 29.3-kilometer (18.2 mi) from Oryu-dong in Seo-gu to Incheon Grand Park. The line connects with the overall Seoul Metropolitan Subway network, Incheon International Airport, and etc.

Underground Gyeongin Expressway

Incheon plans to place a part of the Gyeongin Expressway between West Incheon Interchange and Sinwol Interchange (11.66㎞) underground and to turn the overhead ground area into a regular road and park. Gyeongin Expressway is expected to generate 135 billion won annually due to reduced transportation times to and from Seoul and savings in fuel costs.

GTX‘connecting Songdo with Cheongnyangni’

Songdo, Northeast Asia’s iconic international city, and Gangnam, the heart of Korea, are expected to engage in fully-fledged competition. Great Train Express in Seoul Metropolitan City that connects Songdo with Cheongnyangni (GTX”), if completed in 2021, will shorten the travel time needed to go from Songdo to Seoul from the current 87 minutes to 23 minutes.

Building KTX starting from Incheon

The Incheon-departing KTX project seeks to connect 3.5km between the Suin line and Kyung-Bu HighSpeed Railway to allow passengers an access to KTX at Incheon. A connection between the Suin line and Kyung-Bu HighSpeed Railway is expected to shorten the commute time between Incheon and Daejeon to 1 hour and 11 minutes and the time to Busan to less than 3 hours, making commuting between Incheon and anywhere in the rest of country possible within half a day.

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