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Major Facilities in Incheon

Incheon International Airport

Connecting 61 cities with the population of over 1 million within 3 hours, Incheon Internaiontl Airport is emerging as a hub airport in Northeast Asia. It has topped the ranking of airport service quality for the ninth consecutive years. It is located 20-minute away by driving from Songdo and connects the capital city of Seoul within one hour.

Incheon New Port

Incheon New Port is equipped with 12 berths to accommodate container vessels of up to 4,000 TEU and can handle 33.3 million tons a year. It serves as an import/export and distribution base for industrial complexes of the Capital Metropolitan Area of Korea. It has the potential to become an important transshipment terminal for an expected increase in trade with China and Southeast Asia.

Ubiquitous System

Ubiquitous systems using intelligent IT collect such various data in real time as traffic flow and arrival time of public transit, and provide the information to citizens via their smart phones. The network-connected systems monitor crime, heating and cooling as well as use of energy, enhancing management efficiency.

Automated Waste Collection

Through underground pipes all of Songdo’s garbage is sucked and automatically processed - sorted and recycled, buried, or burned for fuel. The Main Control Center monitors the whole process 24/7. It renders garbage trucks obsolete, contributing to a cleaner air and water quality and reduced emissions.

Songdo with waste water recycling plant

The wastewater treatment plant collects rainwater and sewage to recycle the water for various purposes, including sweeping streets, watering public gardens, landscaping and public toilets. The facility also contributes to efficient use of water, disaster prevention, and environmental conservation.

Songdo ConvensiA

As a state-of-the-art convention center with five spacious halls, it is capable of hosting 450 exhibition booths, various exhibition events, and performances (1F- Exhibition halls, meeting rooms, VIP lounges; 2F – Premier ballroom, meeting rooms; 3F – VIP and general meeting rooms) It takes 20 minutes of drive from Incheon International Airport and an hour from Seoul. The building is accredited with a LEED certificate in 2010. It is surrounded by six outstanding hotels, a department store, a number of shopping malls and Central Park, providing conveniences and a lively environment for users.

Incheon Global Campus

Songdo's Incheon Global Campus (IGC) is a national-level project initiated in joined hands between the Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City to renovate the current Korean educational policy and to foster the next generation's global leaders. Currently, the IGC has attracted SUNY Korea, George Mason University Korea, Ghent University Global Campus and University of Utah Asia Campus, and it will introduce more prestigious universities in the near future.

Chadwick International

Chadwick International, comprised from elementary school to high school, has advanced facilities including advanced tech classrooms, PE facilities, performance center, labs, stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds. The students - ranging from Koreans, dual citizenship students and foreigners -are all trained together, and the children of the international organizations also attend the school.

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