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Songdo of Incheon Metropolitan City was designed and built as an international city. Neighboring with the capital city of Seoul, Songdo is nestled in the economic center of Northeast Asia. Incheon, characterized with its big tidal range, has vast mudflats along the coast and successfully reclaimed the land for the new town.
Designated as a part of the Free Economic Zone in 2003, Songdo, has witnessed a remarkable development literally from scratch. Its dramatic transformation thrust Songdo into the media attention of the world, and its enormous growth potential carved the attractive town in relief on the map of international cites of the globe.
Songdo is bolstered by solid and convenient infrastructure such as Incheon International Airport connecting 176 cities, Incheon Grand Bridge and Songdo Convensia Convention Center. Household-name multinationals, including BMW, GM and Boeing; 15 international organizations, including the Green Climate Fund; and the world’s leading campuses such as State University of New York and Ghent University are also enriching Songdo’s soft power and adding new growth engines.
Along with hosting of the HQ of the Green Climate Fund, Songdo is committed to creating an eco-friendly and lively ambiance. To this end, it presents the vision of becoming a low-carbon green city; establishes Songdo Central Park with the nation’s first seawater canal and 33% of greenery; and opens up Michuhol Park for traditional culture experiences. Especially for expatriates, Songdo is establishing leisure, culture and shopping complexes and nurturing multi-cultural conviviality.

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