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Incheon attends in global real-estate conference to promote 「IRC INCHEON 2016」

Incheon Metropolitan City participated in the International Realtors Conference and Expo held in San Diego (US) for seven days between November 12 (Thu) and November 18 (Wed) to promote 「IRC INCHEON 2016」 scheduled for August 2016 in Incheon. City officials also discussed details and upcoming preparations with the US National Association Realtors (NAR) to help prepare a successful platform for 「IRC INCHEON 2016」.


Key promotional activities
 - Participated in the NAR Global Service & Union Committee
 - Made promotional presentation for 「IRC INCHEON 2016」
 - Established networks with each country’s contact point at the NAR and conducted promotional activities for
  「IRC INCHEON 2016」
 - Participated in the conference hosted by the Executive Vice President at the NAR Global Service
 - Attended the IRC Expo
 - Participated in the NAR general meeting

   ※「IRC INCHEON 2016」
Duration : August 31 (Wed) ~ September 3 (Sat), 2016
        - Venue : Songdo Convensia
        - Event size : over 80 expert organization and groups from 60 countries (10,000 guests)

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