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Cheongna district

Project name Size (㎡) Purpose Project duration Designated department Current status Note
Cheongna district
International Financial Complex
(Lot sales, rental)
159,464 Lot sales for business (financial) and sales facilities, communal housing, etc. 2016~
LH Initial commencement of construction (August 2016) Actively seeking investors
International business facilities
(Lot sales, rental)
1,165,230 Business and sales facilities, IT research complex, integrated convenience and entertainment facilities, etc. 2007~ LH - Actively seeking investors
Robot Land 767,286 Robot-assisted facilities, theme park, commercial facilities, etc.
Incheon Metropolitan City Robot Industry Center in construction
(September 2014~August 2017)
Actively seeking investors

The user can freely use the public work
regardless of its commercial use without fee, and can change it to create secondary work.