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Strategies to Attract Foreign Investment

Improving the strategic capacity to attract investment at the original city center
  • Incheon intends to establish strategies aimed at attracting investments at locations such as the original city center, port hinterland areas, and other locations excluding the Free Economic Zone.
  • The city plans to open critical facilities in education, finance, business, medicine, and shopping that can anchor the economy, and invite promising businesses capable of leading local communities to create new employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy.
Inviting global giants in new high-value adding and cutting-edge industries

With the need to invest in business sectors with the potential to become new growth engines in the future spreading among business conglomerates in Korea including Samsung and LG, Incheon intends to actively seek ways to invite investment to global corporations in the parts and raw materials business as well as companies in IT and BT cutting-edge industries.

Preventing corporations from relocating and strategically inviting domestic/overseas corporations returning to Korea.
  • Based on its local network, Incheon creates a good business environment by providing and exchanging information on the investment trends of blue chip companies, and supporting the supply of customized employment opportunities.
  • The city seeks out local corporations which have opened business in China, as well as corporations returning to the metropolitan area. Incheon also induces the return of corporations that previously moved away from the metropolitan area.

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