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  When you head out from Incheon to other regions (especially southern part), you may consider taking a train other than     
  buses. Incheon city has no railway station, but boarding is available at Yeongdeungpo Station or Seoul Station along
  Subway Line No. 1.
Reservation and boarding in KTX are available only in Incheon International Airport station or 
   Geomam Station.

    Fares vary by travel distance and age of passengers (children (aged 4 to 12), adults, seniors (over 65)),
    depending on the type and time of boarding train, the departure point can be chosen therefore the departure point 
    must be confirmed before boarding.

Types of trains

General Train
   - Mugunghwa Train : Connect Seoul, Jeonla-do, Geongsang-do and Gangwondo.
     It is cheaper than other trains but slower in speed.
   - Saemauel Train : Faster than Mugunghwa train and there are economic class
      and specialty class seats available. more Expensive than Mugunghwa Train.
High-speed Train
   - KTX : It is the first high-speed trains in Korea. Which can run 2~3 hours faster
     Mugungwhaho train, but it's fare is more expensive than Mugungwha or Saemaul
   - Tourist train : According to area or subject, there are various tourist trains and
      they are connected to tourist attractions for each course. (For more details : go
      into korail website. → Let's korail)

Ways to purchase a ticket

  - Internet Purchase: You can purchase all train tickets online except for airport line.
  - On-site purchase : You can directly purchase a ticket in train stations(Seoul station,Yeongdeungpo station,
     Incheon Bupyeong station (Metro line#1))
  ※ KTX train ticket can be purchased only at the station of Incheon International Airport or Geomam.

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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