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Air tickets can be reserved by the Internet or the phone through a travel agent and the airline or can
be purchased directly from the airport.

① Domestic Flights
  • Korea Airports Corporation website: (English, Chinese, Japanese available)
     Korea's two major airlines, Korean Air and Asiana, as well as several smaller airlines operate flights to
     local destinations. In addition, domestic flights are available through mainly Gimpo International Airport.
     Information on domestic air flights and airport is available at the Korea Airports Corporation website(
  ※ If you click on each area (Gimpo, Gimhae, Jeju, a total of 14 places) at the top in the website of
      Korea Airports Corporation, you can get the relevant information such as local airport for real time
      information and ticket booking and some airports in these areas. Among these areas, some areas
      are operating international flights.

② International Flights
  • Korea Airports Corporation website: (English, Chinese and Japanese available)
    Most of the international flights depart from Incheon International Airport.
    International flight status and flight schedule of Incheon International Airport can be confirmed
    through Korea Airports Corporation website
  ※ Incheon International Airport ( → Departure/Arrival → Flight Information
  ※ The boarding place information for various means of transport in Incheon airport is confirmed as following.
     『Incheon International Airport ( →Departure/Arrival → Transportation/Parking』
  ※ Incheon International Airport Complex Information
      Incheon International Airport Office Information :『 Incheon International Airport Website →
      Customer Center → Information Center → E-guide Book → Airport Guide
  ※ Bus Information : you can have information about limousine bus and seated bus at the ticket office
      located on inside (Exit 4, 9) of terminal 1F (arrival) or outside of ticket office (Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13
      and 9c) and purchase bus ticket.
  ※ Airport Train Service Information: the ticket can be purchased and information for the Airport
      Railway can be obtained at the travel center and Customer Information Center on 1F located in
      between terminal and traffic center.

  ※ Domestic Airline Information
Airline Website Telephone No.
KAL available) 1588-2001
Asiana Airlines, Chinese, Japanese available) 1588-8000
Air Busan available) 1666-3060
Eastar Jet, Chinese, Japanese available) 1544-0080
Jeju Air, Chinese, Japanese available) 1599-1500
Jin Air, Chinese, Japanese available) 1600-6200
Tway Air, Japanese available) 1688-8686
※ Chuseok (September) and new year's day (February) are the biggest holiday seasons in Korea.
    During these periods, many people go back home to spend time with their families, and traffic
    congestion during Christmas or Easter will take place. If you are planning to travel during these
    holiday seasons, you have to reserve a ticket just in case tickets are sold out.

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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