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July 20, enjoy an exciting mid-summer night’s live music experience

Incheon is hosting its “Live Music Holiday” event at 20:30 on July 20 (Saturday) across six different historic live concert venues as part of its “1,000 Culture Oasis” program aimed at supporting small and local cultural facilities in Incheon. To attend this free concert, please register your information on the official website. Concert Inquiries)

  • 2019-07-08

Donation campaign to help our children at local children’s centers healthy and cool throughout summer

There are a large number of children in difficult environments and circumstances who are working extremely hard to for a better future instead of blaming others and giving up. Incheon is hosting a donation campaign to help our children at local children’s centers healthy and cool throughout summer. A small gesture can make a big difference. We look forward to your interest and support in the campaign.

  • 2019-07-05

Incheon to carry out its 2030 Resident Survey

The 2030 Resident Survey will provide the foundation for the 2030 Incheon Comprehensive Housing Plan. The Survey will help the City Government understand the living residential environment for its citizens. We look forward to your interest and cooperation.

  • 2019-07-05

Incheon to host the 2019 Juseom Juseom Concert

Incheon is hosting the “2019 Juseom Juseom Concert” to promote Seopo-ri, which was recently refurbished with a wide range of tourism-related resources by the Incheon metropolitan government to turn Deokjeokdo Island into one of Korea’s top tourist destinations, and to attract new tourists to the islands surrounding the Incheon area. We look forward to your support and interest in the Concert.

  • 2019-07-01

Incheon Small Business Owner Capacity Building Academy

Incheon is offering a capacity building academy program for small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs to help small businesses and start-ups succeed in today’s competitive market environment.

  • 2019-06-28

The 5th Incheon Metropolitan City Public data-utilized Start-up, Analysis Competition

We ask for your interest and participation as we hold “the 5th Incheon Metropolitan City public data-utilized startup, analysis competition” in order to promote start-ups based on public data by planning ideas, developing products and services and analyzing big data utilized by public data.

  • 2019-05-17

KME 2019 (Korea MICE Expo 2019)

The Korea MICE Expo, the country’s largest MICE expo will be held at Songdo Convensia from June 12. The KME 2019 where 250 companies and 300 buyers home and abroad are going to participate will become a channel of exchanging business opportunities and a variety of expertise. We ask for your interest and participation.

  • 2019-05-16

Incheon City Female Start-up Applicants Academy

It is planned to support successful start-up inception of those interested in starting their own companies within the region by carrying out customized start-up education targeting to female applicants for start-ups

  • 2019-05-09

Increase of hepatitis A patient countrywide! Call for compliance with prevention guidelines

We call for strict compliance with prevention guidelines as we see the growing number of hepatitis A patents countrywide, and if no vaccination injected or no contraction of the disease, get vaccination without being tested if you are under 40, or undergo antibodies test and get vaccination if the test results show that there are no antibodies if you are over 40.

  • 2019-04-29

Slogan Contest for 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit

The 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit will be held on 25(MON) – 26(TUE) November 2019 in Busan, the Republic of Korea(ROK), to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of ASEAN-ROK Dialogue Relations. It will be a landmark diplomatic event, signifying the importance of partnership between ASEAN and ROK. * ASEAN : Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia

  • 2019-04-24