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The 28th Incheon Green Climate Academy

Incheon Green Climate Academy is an learning program for a variety of interest groups in our community, including public agencies, corporations, civic (environmental) organizations, climate change speakers, university (undergraduate and graduate) students, and the general public, designed to improve our collective understanding of climate change as a society, and to build up our capacity to respond against climate change-related issues.

Time and Date: 14:00 ~ 17:00 on December 19 (Thu), 2019
Venue: 23F, Songdo G-Tower
Main Subject: Policies on fine dust issues expected to change in 2020 (Instructor: Cho Kang-hee)
Audience: General public
Registration (Application): Log on to, then register attendance in advance
Inquiries: 032-715-5796 (Incheon Climate and Environment Research Center) 

The user can freely use the public work without fee,
and can change it to create secondary work,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose.

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