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“Free lectures on Incheon Labor Law for the second half of 2019”

• Time and Date: 2 sessions, 19:00 ~ 21:00 on November 21 (Thu) and November 28 (Thu)
• Venue: Seminar Room (2F), Bupyeong Arts Center
• Target Audience: Incheon residents
• Host/Supervision: Incheon Metropolitan City/KCTU Incheon Regional Council
• Program Details: Session 1 [Nov. 21 (Thu)] Essential Labor Law Knowledge Before Leaving a Company (dismissal, resignation, unemployment benefits, retirement allowances, etc.) (Hwang Seon-ho, Certified Labor Attorney)
                   Session 2 [Nov. 28 (Thu)] Criteria for Abuse of Power and Countermeasures (Kang Seon-mook, Certified Labor Attorney)
• Inquiries/Registrations: Labor and Human Rights Division, Incheon City Hall (032-440-4407) (On-site registration available)
                   KCTU Incheon Regional Council (032-525-1802, 466-1802, 223-1803)

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