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“Incheon Institute Open Week 2019” event

  The Incheon Institute is hosting the “Incheon Institute Open Week 2019” to share its research over the past year with Incheon citizens and discover better ways to apply policies. We look forward to your interest and support for the program.

 □ Duration: October 28 (Mon) ~ November 1 (Fri), 2019
 □ Venue: Incheon Metropolitan Council, Songdo Convensia, Michuhol Tower, Incheon Institute (conference hall)
 □ Subject: "Open Week - Incheon Institute Research Achievements in 2019 and Research Direction for 2020”
●  Incheon Metropolitan Council-Incheon Institute Joint Policy Debate (Oct 28, 10:00/ Incheon Metropolitan Council)
●  Incheon Future Policy Forum: Airport Economic Zone International Seminar (Oct 29, 10:00/Songdo Convensia)
●  Incheon Future Policy Forum: Incheon Urban Development Future Vision Debate (Oct 29, 15:00/ Songdo Convensia)
●  Incheon Governance Research Networking Session (Oct 30, 10:30/ Michuhol Tower)
●  Research Achievements Presentation and Debate (Oct 30, 14:00/ Michuhol Tower)
● International Climate Funds Industry Conference (Oct 31, 10:00/ Songdo Convensia)
●  Public Conference (Nov 01, 10:00/ Incheon Institute)

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