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The number of type A hepatitis patient is increasing throughout the country! Citizens are advised to take precautions for preventing the disease

Due to the increase of the number of type A hepatitis patients all across the country, we recommend our citizens to take necessary precautions to prevent the disease from spreading. Also, in the case of citizens without any prior vaccination and disease history of type A hepatitis, we recommend that, for citizens who are younger than 40 to take the vaccination shots without a test, while those of 40 or older are to take an antigen test and take a shot only when they do not have the antigen.
Preventive Precautions against the Water-borne Diseases including Type A Hepatitis
- Wash your hand properly.
- Boil your water before drinking.
- Make sure your food is thoroughly cooked at a proper temperature.
* Heat at 85℃ or higher for one minute. Heat the crams for at least four minutes at 90℃.
- Wash and peel the vegetables and fruits thoroughly.
- Keep your cooking process sanitary.
* The cooking utensils are to be separated from other utensils and disinfect them after the cooking is done.  Any person showing symptoms of diarrhea shall not cook or prepare foods.
Recommendation of Vaccination
- All children who are 12 to 23 months old
- High-risk group* children or adults who do not have immunity against type A hepatitis
* High-risk groups
by diseases . Patients of chronic diseases, patients who are on simplified meals, or patients of hemophilia who are frequently administered with blood-based medicines.
by occupations and situations . People who work in the dining industry or work in welfare facilities; healthcare professionals or lab workers who are at risk of being exposed to type A hepatitis viruses
. Individuals who are planning to travel to or work in areas where type A hepatitis is active, male homosexuals, drug addicts, or other individuals who contacted a patient of type A hepatitis within the past two weeks
- Furthermore, the children or adults who have never been vaccinated or those who never contracted type A hepatitis may still be vaccinated if they wish to obtain immunity against type A hepatitis.

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