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2019 Dongincheon Romance Market

By utilizing the surrounding commercial areas of Dongincheon Market, which was the largest market in Incheon from 1970s to 1990s, the memories of the old times will be revived in a newtro concept in the event, ‘2019 Dongincheon Romance Market’ for two days from October 5th (Sat) to 6th (Sun), 2019, at the venue of North Plaza of Dongincheon station and the surrounding areas. 

- Time and Date: 12:00 ~ 21:00 on October 5 (Sat) ~ 6 (Sun), 2019 

- Venue: North Plaza of Dongincheon Station and the surrounding areas

- Programs: Official events and shows, performance events, composition and experience programs, market invigoration events, market places and foods, and more, totaling to more than 30 different programs

- Contents of the events
  [Nangman Culture] Music performance, Nangman Concert, 1970 Swing People Flash mop, Korean traditional costume flash mop
  [Nangman Life] Nangman Street, Video Game Arcades in the Memories, Playgrounds in the Memories, Nangman Photo zone, DJ Box
  [Nangman Dongincheon] Children’s Picture Drawing Competition, Nangman Photo Studio, Vintage 7080 Fashion Competition, Plea market
  [Nangman Stage] Nangman Busking (performances staged by the artists in Incheon area), Nangman Noraebang
  [Nangman Foods] Night Market in Songhyun Market, Cold Noodle in Hwapyeong-dong, Soondae Street

- Website of 2019 Dongincheon Romance Market

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