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2019 Incheon Chrysanthemum "Flower" Festival

With the theme of getting into memories of autumn scent... The 2019 Incheon Chrysanthemum "Flower" Festival will be held at Yeonhee Park. We ask for your continued interest and participation.

0  Event Name: 2019 Incheon Chrysanthemum “Flower” Festival
0  Theme: Getting into the memories of autumn scent …
0  Period: October 12 (Sat) - October 20 (Sun), 9 Days
    * After the festival period, the exhibition can be extended depending on the state of chrysanthemum.

0 Venue: Nature Courtyard, Yeonhee Park
0 Time: 10:30 - 16:30 (Autonomous viewing is allowed after hours)

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