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2019 Incheon International Single-Media Festival

- Date: August 16 (Fri) ~ August 17 (Sat), 2017
- Venue: Exhibition Hall, Songdo Convensia
- Important Programs
   · On-stage events and autograph events featuring top single-media creators, including Bokyem, Ddotty, Risabae, Kkuk TV, Jo Sub, etc.,
   · 200 booths showcasing a variety of different content categories, including games, kids/education content, food and eating content, health-related content, etc.
- Admission Fee: Free for guests who pre-register on the official website (
- Inquiries: Incheon International Single-Media Festival Secretariat ☎ 1544-7829
- Host/Supervision: Incheon Metropolitan City / Incheon Techno Park, Korea-China Culture and Arts Forum

   ※ For more details, please visit the official website (

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