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Incheon to host the 2019 Juseom Juseom Concert

Incheon is hosting the “2019 Juseom Juseom Concert” to promote Seopo-ri, which was recently refurbished with a wide range of tourism-related resources by the Incheon metropolitan government to turn Deokjeokdo Island into one of Korea’s top tourist destinations, and to attract new tourists to the islands surrounding the Incheon area. We look forward to your support and interest in the Concert.

○ Time and Date: 17:30~23:00 on July 20 (Sat), 2019
○ Venue: Seopo-ri beach, Deokjeokdo Island, Ongjin-gun (Approximately 6.5km from the pier, 10-minute drive)
○ Details: onboard concert, island music concert, summer beach opening ceremony, peace-wishing lantern event, etc.
    - Juseom Juseom Concert lineup: Hyun Jin-young, Funky Tonight Band, Adios Audio, Daily Range, DJ Joo Joo, Son Hun-su (MC)
    - Seopo-ri beach opening ceremony special concert: Jeon Won-seok, Miho
    - Pentaport Live Stage: Sunflower, pianist Yun Hyo Khan, Triss
○ Host/Supervision: Incheon Metropolitan City/Incheon Tourism Organization
○ Juseom Juseom Tour Package Reservations: Incheon Metropolitan City Hall website ( , Incheon Tour website (  Seomtour Travel Agency (032-761-1950)

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