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Incheon City Female Start-up Applicants Academy

It is planned to support successful start-up inception of those interested in starting their own companies within the region by carrying out customized start-up education targeting to female applicants for start-ups 

   A. Education Title: Female Start-up Applicants Academy
   B. Period: 10:00-17:00, May 21 2019(Tue) to June 18(Tue) (Total 5 days, once per week)
   C. Venue: Education room, 2nd floor, JST Jemulpo Smart Town
   D. Number of recruitment: 40 start-up female applicants
   E. Hosting/ supervising: Incheon Metropolitan City/ Incheon Federation of Micro Enterprises
   F. How to apply: Refer to the Notices at

The user can freely use the public work without fee,
and can change it to create secondary work,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose.

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