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Increase of hepatitis A patient countrywide! Call for compliance with prevention guidelines

We call for strict compliance with prevention guidelines as we see the growing number of hepatitis A patents countrywide, and if no vaccination injected or no contraction of the disease, get vaccination without being tested if you are under 40, or undergo antibodies test and get vaccination if the test results show that there are no antibodies if you are over 40.  
Prevention guidelines for water and food borne-infections such as hepatitis A
- Habituate proper hand-washing  
- Drink boiled water
- Eat cooked food by cooking it at adequate temperature 
* Heat for one minute over 85℃ and for four minutes at 90℃ in case of shells
- Eat peeled-off fruits and vegetables after washing them thoroughly
- Comply by hygienic cooking processes
* Assort cooking utensils and disinfect them after cooking, and refrain from cooking and preparing food in case there are symptoms of diarrhea. 
Recommendation of vaccination
- All young children aged from 12 to 23 months
- High risk* group children or adults who don’t have immunity to hepatitis A virus
* High risk group
By disease ․Chronical epileptics, liver transplanted patients, hemophiliacs who often receive blood product, etc.
 By occupation and circumstance ․Restaurant employees, child-care employees, medical staff and lab staff who have risk of exposure to hepatitis A virus
․Travelers of hepatitis A- infected areas or those who are scheduled to work in such areas, male homosexuals, contacted person with hepatitis A patients within recent two weeks.
- Besides, if children or adults who have not been vaccinated or contracted of hepatitis A want to get immunity to the virus, they can get vaccination.


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