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Government is hosting an event encouraging citizens to report any inconveniences regarding their experience of using bicycle roads

The Ministry of Public Administration and Safety has designated April ~ May 2019 as a ‘Priority reporting period for inconveniences regarding bicycle roads’ to encourage the public to report whatever inconveniences they may have encountered while using bicycle roads, and ultimately make bicycle roads safer for people to use.
As such, the government is hosting an event that invites people to report their cases through the ‘Bicycle Complaints’ app (an app dedicated to reporting inconveniences involving infrastructure items people encounter on a daily basis). We look forward to your interest and support in this event.

○ Event Duration: April 8 ~ May 7, 2019 (1 month)
○ Eligible Instances: All inconveniences (accident hazards) encountered while using bicycle roads
○ Reporting Instructions: Download the Daily Inconvenience Reporting app → Fill out the reporting form (Cycling-related inconvenience)→ Submit report*
    * When participating (reporting) in the event, please specify “Event Participation” in the ‘subject’ line, then submit
   ※ You can use the Daily Inconvenience Reporting app without any subscriptions. You will be asked to verify your personal identity when you download and use the app for the first time.
○ Winner Selection: May 15, 2019
   - The government will select 500 people who report their instances through the ‘Daily Inconvenience Reporting’ app during the event and send a mobile coffee voucher each (worth KRW 5,000 per voucher)
○ Announcement: Winners will be notified by SMS to the mobile phones and the list will be posted on the Ministry of Public Administration and Safety’s Bicycle Happy Sharing website.

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