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Incheon is recruiting doctors to participate in a pilot training program for doctors assigned to disabled patients

Incheon is recruiting doctors to participate in its pilot program for doctor assigned to take care of the health of disabled patients. The program is aimed at increasing awareness on the pilot project and improving the city’s capacity for medical services available for disabled people. We look forward to your interest and support.

o Training Period
 - 1st Session: 09:00 ~ 16:00 on April 28 (Sun), 2019 / 2nd Session: 09:00 ~ 16:00 on May 19 (Sun), 2019
* Both sessions will feature the same content. Applicant may select the date he/she prefers.

o Application Period
 - March 18 (Mon), 2019 ~ May 19 (Sun), 2019 *Applicants may register on-site on the day of the training session

o Training Program Application Information - National Rehabilitation Center Website (Training Support 〉 Doctor for Disabled Patients)

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