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Potential inconvenience for residents expected following increase in taxi fares

 * New rates will apply from 04:00 on March 9 (Sat), 2019.

ㅇ Potential for inconveniences during system transition: Once the new rates are enforced, taxis will calculate their fares using a reference table for 15 days

  - More than 14,000 taxis will update their taxi fare meter machines during this 15-day period starting on March 9 (Sat). We ask for your patience and cooperation during this period regarding any inconvenience that may be caused by the use of reference tables.
Taxi Fare Increase - Background
  - The taxi industry decided to increase the taxi fare schedule for the following reasons: Reflect the inflation of consumer prices and overall cost of transportation (increased fuel prices) since December 9, 2013 when the overall taxi fare schedule was increased for the final time; Ensure an appropriate price for taxi fares to reflect the substantial increase in minimum wage since 2013; Improve treatment of drivers and services for citizens (consumers).
Taxi Fare Increase - Details

Category Medium-sized Taxis Deluxe/Full-sized Taxis
Current Revised Current Revised
Basic Fare
(Medium-sized: 2㎞, Deluxe: 3㎞)
KRW 3,000 KRW 3,800 KRW 5,000 KRW 6,500
Additional Distance-based Fare 144m/KRW 100 135m/KRW 100 164m/KRW 200 151m/KRW 200
Additional Time-based Fare 35 sec/KRW 100 33 sec/KRW 100 39 sec/KRW 200 36 sec/KRW 200
Late-night Surcharge
20% 20% - -
Inter-city Surcharge
(If destination is outside the taxi’s area of business)
20% 30% - -
Increase (%) - 17.80% - 11.20%
Increased Fare Schedule Enforcement Date: 04:00 on March 9 (Sat), 2019
The Incheon Metropolitan City Government will do its best to improve taxi services for all citizens.


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