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Visiting Laundry Service User Recruitment

A visiting laundry service is being operated to improve the living conditions of the less privileged families; we look forward to your participation and attention.

󰏚 Application for the service
   ❍ Recruitment period: all year throughout
   ❍ Application institution : Each district administration social welfare center (citizens’ center)
   ❍ Application method: Submit the application form to Social Welfare administration
   ❍ Support areas: Laundry service support for less privileged laundry service (KRW 90 thousand per household)
       - Blankets (ordinary, microfiber, goose), winter blankets, mattress cover, winter protection jackets (cottonwool, quilted ones), winter protection pants (cottonwool, quilted ones), down jackets, curtains, etc.
        *Those who receive direct laundry service in public and private sector will be exclude
          (Example: Laundry service from senior centers, social welfare complex, local social welfare association)
   ❍ Contact: Social Welfare Administrative office in the neighborhood

󰏚 Application qualifications: Those that live in Incheon who are
   ❍ Single seniors over 65 years old who receive livelihood benefits, senior couples
   ❍ People with handicaps Level 1 - 2 (unrelated to livelihood benefits)
   ❍ Those who live in poor neighborhood (Jjokbang)
   ※ Note: The laundry service may be offered later than the wanted schedule if there are too many applicants.

The user can freely use the public work without fee,
and can change it to create secondary work,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose.

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