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Incheon to host the Romance Market Festival

Full of romance and nostalgia! The Romance Market Festival will get under way inside the north square at the Dongincheon station and across the nearby market district.
The Festival will have plenty of traditional food to eat, music, and other activities to enjoy, so we look forward to your interest and support for the event.

  o Time and Date: 12:00~21:30 on October 6 (Sat) ~ October 7 (Sun), 2018 (2 days)
  o Venue: North square at the Dongincheon station
  o Host/Supervision: Incheon Metropolitan City/Incheon Tourism Organization, SBS Plus
  o Key Events
     - Romance Market: traditional food, night market, children’s flea market, etc.
     - Romance Performance Stage: music concerts, busking, mime, flash mobs, Hanbok fashion show, etc.
     - Romance Retro: Hanbok and school uniform experience, black and white photo studio, stamp tour, etc.
  o Inquiries: 032-899-7423 (Incheon Tourism Organization)
  o Wesbite:

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