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The 23rd World Environment Day

The following events will get under way to celebrate the “23rd World Environment Day.” All events are designed to help revive the environment and encourage communication/unity among 3 million Incheon citizens. We eagerly look forward to your interest and support.

□ Event Overview
  ❍ Time and Date: 14:00 ~ 18:00 on June 5 (Tue), 2018
  ❍ Venue: Soccer Field, Environmental Corporation of Incheon Seunggi Office (near Dongmak Station)
  ❍ Host/Supervision: Environmental Corporation of Incheon
  ❍ Sponsorship: Incheon Metropolitan Council, Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education, Yeonsu-gu Office
  ❍ Event Details
      - Main Events: Pre-event proceedings, main ceremony, award ceremony for meritorious persons on environmental grounds
      - Additional Events: Environmental experience booth, children’s environmental art competition, environmental golden bell, presentation on outstanding environmental activities, environmental clean-up activities, etc.

□ Applications for participants in the Environment Day events (children’s environmental art competition and environmental golden bell)
   ❍ Event Participation: 15:00 ~ 17:30 on June 5 (Thu)
   ❍ Eligibility:
      - Children’s environmental art competition: 5 years old ~ elementary school students (awards: Mayor’s Award 1, Superintendent of Education Award 3, Director of the Environmental Corporation of Incheon Award 46)
      - Environmental golden bell: elementary school students ~ middle/high school student (awards: Superintendent of Education Award 1, Director of the Environmental Corporation of Incheon Award 10) Cultural Gift Certificate
   ❍ Application Period: until May 25 (Fri), 2018
   ❍ Application: Environmental Corporation of Incheon ☎ 899-0126

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