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“The 23rd Day of Sea Ceremony” event

Incheon will host “the 23rd Day of Sea Ceremony” event to reinforce the importance and significance of our oceans, raise awareness on maritime affairs among the public, and to appreciate the hard work by people working in various maritime industries. We look forward to your interest and support.

  □ “The 23rd Day of Sea” event overview
     〇 Time and Date: 10:00 ~ on May 31 (Thu), 2018* Pre-event proceedings: 09:50~
     〇 Venue: Parking lot in front of the Sangsang platform, pier no. 8, Incheon Metropolitan City inner harbor
     〇 Host/supervision: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries/Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea Ocean Foundation
     〇 Key Events
        - Pre-event proceedings: Incheon City Chorale, guard of honor, Taekwondo demonstration, etc.
        - Ceremonial events: awards ceremony for meritorious persons, welcome remarks, commemorative remarks, etc.
        - Additional events (11:20~18:00): maritime experience hall, vessel showcase event, vessel fountain show, outdoor concert, etc.
     ※ Public transportation is recommended. For visitors driving to the event, please use the public parking lot at China Town and Donghwa Village.


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