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Incheon Green Climate Academy to be Opened

Incheon Green Climate Academy is to be held as an initiative to promote the understanding of the public institutions, local communities and environmental organizations in relation to the Green Climate Fund and climate change. In this academy, we are inviting Professor Woo Jung-hun from Division of Interdisciplinary Studies, Konkuk University to open a session on “Integrated Management on Climate Change and Fine Dust” targeting the environmental organizations, climate change lecturers, companies and public officers in Incheon. For those who are interested, please come and participate.

- Event Title: 21st Incheon Green Climate Academy
- Time and date : 2018. 3. 29(Thurs) 14:30~17:00(2 hrs. 25 min.)
- Venue : Songdo G-Tower 23rd floor conference room
- Instructor: Professor Woo Jung-hun (Konkuk University) (Topic: “Integrated Management on Climate Change and Fine Dust”)

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