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Information on 2018 KIEF Korea-China Export Trade Fair and Participation

о Period/ venue: Friday March 16, 2018 – Friday March 17, 2018 / Yeongjong Nest Hotel
о Host/ Sponsor: KOSMERCE Korea/ Batns Communication
о Participants: 200 cosmetics and fashion companies from Korea and China
о Key agenda : Company matching for local companies’ entry into Chinese market and consulting on entering into Chinese market
о Registry cost : Local C-A level (KRW 2 million – 6 million), free invitation for Chinese buyers
о Registration period :  Wednesday, February 28, 2018
о Registration target : cosmetics and fashion companies with excellent products
о How to apply : Prepare application and submission documents and apply via e-mail (
о Further inquiries : 031-8018-8740 KOSMERCE Korea

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