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Panel Discussion for Evaluation and Suggestion on Gender Equality Policy in Incheon Metropolitan City

[Panel Discussion for Evaluation and Suggestion on Gender Equality Policy in Incheon Metropolitan City]
- Policy comparison among Incheon, Gyeonggi and Seoul

Since 1990, the government has been initiating gender equality policy like gender impact assessment and gender budget in an effort to dissolve gender inequality.
However, the citizens’ perceived gender equality policy is very low.
For that reason, in an effort to realize “Incheon with Gender Equality”, Incheon Woman Line Gender Equality Policy Research Center and Incheon Women’s Group jointly have prepared an opportunity to share effective gender equality policy that could enhance the quality of life for Incheon citizens by comparing and contrasting the gender equality policy with the surrounding local authorities from Seoul and Gyeonggi.
You are cordially invite to this session, which has been prepared to realize the vision of “Incheon with Gender Equality”.

○ Time and date : Monday, March 19, 2018  14:00~16:00
○ Venue : Incheon Culture & Art Center International Business Meeting room
○ Host : Incheon Woman Line’s attached organization – Gender Equality Research Institute, Incheon Women’s Group (Incheon Woman Line, Incheon Woman’s Link, Incheon Woman Laborer Group, Incheon Woman’s Association, Kangkangsoole of Human Rights, Woman Union Incheon Office)
○ Sponsor : Incheon Woman’s Line Corporation
○ Inquiries : 032-527-0090(Incheon Woman’s Line Office)

  [Table of Agenda]
  * Moderator: Kim Sung Mikyung (Incheon Woman’s Line Representative)
  * Opening ceremony 14:00-14:10
  * Agenda presentation 14:10-14:50

1. Evaluation and suggestion on Incheon’s gender equality policy – policy comparison among Incheon, Gyeonggi and Seoul
   - Park In-hye (Incheon Gender Equality Research Institute Chairman and Research Professor at Democracy and Social Movements Institute of Sungkonghoe University)-

2. Current status quo of gender equality policy in the nation
   - Jang Yoon-sun (Korea Women’s Development Institute - Gender Sensitive Budget Center Assistant Research Fellow) –
  *Discussion 14:50-15:50
   Hong Meehee (Seoul Foundation of Women & Family - Women Policy Department Head)

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