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Mers Still Continues! Guidelines for Traveling to the Middle East

Before traveling
- People over 65 years old, children, pregnant women, immunocompromised people like cancer patients and people with underlying problems like cardiac disease should refrain from traveling.
During traveling
     - Refrain from visiting farms and evade camel, as well as consuming raw camel meat and raw camel milk
      - Refrain from congested areas as much as possible (wear a mask in case unavoidable)
      - Stay away from people with fever or respiratory problems
      - Wash hands with water and soap (use alcohol hand sanitizer in case there is no soap)
      - Cover the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing (in advent of respiratory problem, wear a mask)
      - Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
After traveling
In case there is fever and respiratory problem (coughing or breathing problem) within 14 days after coming back from Middle East, call KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) at 1339 before going to the medical institution.

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