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“Job’s Incheon” - a place for Incheon citizens explore work opportunities

The Incheon Metropolitan City recently opened “Job’s Incheon” at the Rodeo street in Guwol-dong. Job’s Incheon is expected to become a place where citizens can explore new work opportunities. The city government invites the general public to visit Job’s Incheon and enjoy great coffee as well as free recruiting information, career consultations, study sessions, and seminars.

o Key Functions: Career counseling and consulting, study room/seminar area access, recruitment information search, etc.
o 이용문의 : 032-438-3007~9
  * 홈페이지:일자리센터),블로그)
o Inquiries: 032-438-3007~9
  * Website:,


The user can freely use the public work without fee,
and can change it to create secondary work,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose.

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