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Incheon to host the 88th Incheon Local History Lecture

The Incheon Metropolitan City History Archive will host the “88th Incheon Local History Lecture” to increase public awareness and interest in Incheon’s history and culture. We look forward to your interest and participation.

○ Time and Date: 14:00~17:10 on February 5 (Mon), 2018
  ○ Venue: History Hall (approx. 40 seats), Incheon Metropolitan City History Archive
              ※ Located near Jayu Park behind the Jung-gu office

  ○ Subjects and Speakers
       ▶ Music at the open port of Incheon (14:00~15:30)
            - Lee Seung Mook: Representative, Incheon Concert Chamber
       ▶ Low birth rate, ageing population, and the life of senior citizens in Incheon (15:40~17:10)
           - Kim Hyeong-soo: Vice President, Korean Society of Educational Gerontogy (Ph.D. in gerontology)

  ○ Please call in advance and sign up for the lectures. 
       Inquiries and Contact Info.: Gang Ok-yeop/Gang Deok-woo, City History Publishing Committee at the History Archive (032-440-8382~3, 032-773-3498)


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