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Incheon Metropolitan City to conduct a comprehensive audit on Ganghwa-gun for 2017

 With regards to the comprehensive audit on the Ganghwa-gun Government in Incheon Metropolitan City, please provide the City Government with feedback on the direction of the audit and recommendations from a citizen’s perspective. Also, report Government staff members who were unlawful/unfair in processing his/her official affairs, unfriendly in their dealings, or staff members who were kind and accommodating.
 Furthermore, the City Government is looking to grant immunity to those who have caused losses/damages due to procedural errors incurred as part of an attempt to actively solve administrative issues. As such, entities involved in such issues should apply and seek counsel.

   ◦ Audit Period: December 4 (Mon) ~ December 15 (Fri), 2017 [10 days, excluding Saturday and Sunday]
   ◦ Auditing Organization: Incheon Metropolitan City Government

※ Users reporting cases to the City Government website will be redirected to the Public Official Reporting Center at the Incheon Metropolitan City Government
     (URL Address:


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