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2017 Global Climate Finance & Industry Conference to be Held

Incheon Metropolitan City and IGC Forum, in awareness of the need for development of green climate related policy after the hosting of GCF office and for promoting relevant business, has been exerting efforts into creating green climate related business models and into strengthening the expertise of local community and industry.

In order to reduce green gas emission, alleviate the potentials for responding to climate changes and promote the regional capability for GCF collaboration, Global Climate Finance and Industry Conference , a platform for discussion of specialists in private organization, government, as well as academia, industry and research institutes, has been held every year since 2014.

In this year, Incheon Metropolitan City, IGC Forum and Incheon Climate & Environment Research Center will jointly hold “2017 Global Climate Finance and Industry Conference” in Songdo Convensia, Incheon from November 2 to November 3. Under the theme “Climate Technology and Green Climate Fund Financial Project”, in-depth discussions and exchange of opinions will be held along with small topics like the role of regional government for execution of Paris Agreement, as well as the domestic industry’s strategies for leveraging climate finance. The forum will be especially a precious opportunity for the Incheon industry to understand better about the green business strategies using climate finance and for them to acquire various business opportunity ideas.

We look forward to your participation for your contribution in partaking in the global-level efforts in responding to the climate change.
◯ Period :  Thursday, November 2 – Friday, November 3, 2017
◯ Venue : Songdo Convensia, Incheon, 3rd floor (Room 302 – 304)
◯ Theme : Climate Technology and GCF Financial Project
◯ Host: IGC Forum, Incheon Metropolitan Government, Incheon (IGCForum), Incheon Climate & Environment Research Center
◯ Supervision : Business Institute for Sustainable Development, Sustainability & Social Responsibility Academy),
◯ Sponsor: Energy Economy News, Springer
   ★ Pre-registration ☞ https://google/forms/fEdGZqYyGo0tfK283

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