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『2017 MOFA – Incheon Metropolitan City International Organizations – MICE Career Fair』Opening and Application Process

Career Fair” in order to hold specialty education for those talents that seek their career in international organization and MICE sector, as well as to establish a platform for information exchange, while creating new jobs. This year, the city is co-hosting the event with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to come up with solutions for unemployment among young people and to contribute to the scope of their global activity engagement.
We look forward to your attention and engagement so that Incheon Metropolitan City, a gate to the globe, could promote the career development in international organization and MICE sector with more number of global specialists fostered.
A. Event Introduction
○ Date & Venue: 10:00 – 18:00, Friday, November 17, 2017, Songdo Convensia Premier Ballroom
○ Host/ Supervision: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Incheon Metropolitan City/ Incheon Tourism Organization
○ Participant Target & Scale
- Anyone interested in international organizations and MICE sector (1,000 people)
- Participating organizations (50 booths): International organizations in Korea (UN & government-level organizations, quasi-government organizations, international NGOs, etc.)
Hotels, PCO (international conference planning & consulting company) PEO (exhibition agency), tourism companies, MICE service companies, education related companies, etc. 

○ Key Programs:
- Career consulting for international organization & MICE sector & PR booth
- In-depth sessions for each of the international organization (Talk with staffs at international organizations in children & food & education/ economy & governance/ humanitarian/ environment, etc.)
- Global MICE Academy (Theme: “Endless challenge with passion”: comedian Park Ji-sun/ MICE sector staff talk concert/ mentoring & networking talk)

B. Application Process
-International organization sector: Pre-registration via Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ International Organization UN recruit homepage (   
* Please bring application confirmation document; onsite registration available.
- MICE Sector : Pre-registration via Career Fair homepage ( (onsite registration possible)

C. Inquiries
- International Organization sector: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UN Recruit Center: 02-2100-8421, 7232 UN Division/
- MICE Sector : Incheon Tourism Organization (Convention Bureau : 032-210-1055,

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