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2017 Korea Drone Championship

2017 Korea Drone Championship is to be held in Cheongna Lake Park with a lot of programs in plan. We look forward to your participation and interest.

ㅇ Event name: 2017 Korea Drone Championship (Subtitle: Drone, a new future beyond imagination)
ㅇ Duration: September 30(Sat) ~ October 1(Sun),2017
ㅇ Venue: Incheon Cheongna Lake Park
ㅇ Host: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Incheon Metropolitan Government
ㅇ Supervision: Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology, INCHEON BUSINESS INFORMATION TECHNOPARK (IBITP)
ㅇ Participants: Officials from relevant institutions, demonstration business officials, racers, ordinary citizens, etc.
ㅇKey details:  
   - Official event: Opening event & trial (business demonstrations), Award ceremony, On-going events
   - Competition: Drone FPV racing, drone clock flight competition, technology competition
   - Academic: Drone companies and related organizations conference (roundtable)
   - Exhibition/Trial: Drone exhibition & trial demonstrations and companies’ PR booth
   - Other programs: Drone drawing, idea competition, onsite events, etc.

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