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The 2nd Incheon History Golden Bell Event

In order to deliver correct information on Incheon history to the regional high school students, who are the future of this country, and to promote their love for their hometown, we are holding the “2nd Incheon History Golden Bell Event”. We are looking forward to your participation and interest.

❍ Event name: The 2nd Incheon History Golden Bell Event
❍ Time and Date: 15:00 – 17:30 on October 27(Fri), 2017
❍ Venue: Incheon Global Campus sports Complex (Songdo-dong Munhwa-ro 119)
❍ Participants: 500 high school students (300 contenders, 200 squads)
    ※ Recommendations from 125 high schools in Incheon
❍ Program details : Selecting scholarship beneficiaries through quizzes regarding Incheon symbol, history, culture and popular figures.

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