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2019 Incheon International Single-Media Festival

- Date: August 16 (Fri) ~ August 17 (Sat), 2017 - Venue: Exhibition Hall, Songdo Convensia - Important Programs · On-stage events and autograph events featuring top single-media creators, including Bokyem, Ddotty, Risabae, Kkuk TV, Jo Sub, etc., · 200 booths showcasing a variety of different content categories, including games, kids/education content, food and eating content, health-related content, etc.

  • 2019-08-06

Incheon to host the 2019 Korea Beauty * Cosmetic Show

- Time and Date: 10:00 ~ 17:00 on August 29 (Thu) ~ 31 (Sat), 2019 - Venue: Hall 1/Hall 2, Songdo Convensia - Host/Supervision: Incheon Tourism Organization, Exporum Co., Ltd.

  • 2019-08-05

Korean National Police Agency “2019 Peace and Love Contest”

The Korean National Police Agency is hosting its “2019 Peace and Love Contest” to build a public consensus on the importance of ensuring peace and national security in the Korean Peninsula. We look forward to your interest and support in the event.

  • 2019-07-30

Incheon ready to host the 2019 Incheon Pentaport Music Festival

We look forward to your interest and support in the “2019 Incheon Pentaport Music Festival,” the oldest (14th annual event in 2019) international outdoor rock music festival in Korea.

  • 2019-07-29

2019 Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Championship & Camp

The "2019 Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Championship & Camp" competition, an international sports event involving players from more than 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. I hope that many of you will participate.

  • 2019-07-21

Guide to the 2019 3rd Korean Language Class

The Incheon Foreigners Support Center runs Korean language classes for the stable settlement of foreign residents in Incheon. Please join if you are interested in it.

  • 2019-07-19

Guide to Incheon Historical City University in the second half of 2019

Anyone who is interested in the history and cultural heritage of Incheon should attend "the second half of 2019 Incheon Historical City University."

  • 2019-07-19

Incheon final of the 11th President Cup amateur e sports competition will be held

Please join the Incheon final which will be held to choose representatives for the 11th President Cup amateur e sports competition.

  • 2019-07-18

2019 Island Village Band Music Festival

We are holding '2019 Island Village Band Music Festival' to spread living culture and extend the opportunities of enjoying cultural life for the residents through discovering the music clubs in the island villages in Ganghwa-gun and Ongjin-gun and dispatching professional instructors to educate. Please take part in it.

  • 2019-07-15

2019 Korea Safety Map Idea Contest

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security is hosting the 6th Korea Safety Map Idea Contest to help identify safety information the public requires over the course of their daily lives, and to continue improving the services the Ministry offers through its Safety Map website.

  • 2019-07-08