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Incheon NOW 2015 January | February

Incheon NOW 2015 January | February
Subject Incheon NOW 2015 January | February
Designated department Brand Division
Inquiry 824
Telephone No 440-8305

2015 January | February Vol.031
•Focus New Year's speech / Finding the identity of Incheon •Insights 2015 Hopeful Message •Number 1 food Soup for Overcoming a Hangover in Incheon
•Culture The honest Year of the Sheep and the Passionate Constellation of Aries:What is your fortune for 2015? •Heritage & Human Hanbok: the Beginning of Korean Beauty
•Enjoy Snow outside and sweat inside! Songdo Sports Park, a tourist spot filled with sports •Over the Incheon Life of the Poor, Warmer than the Sunlight
Date Written 2016-02-19
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