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 Core Value of City Brand : First Ever (Become the best, getting beyond the first.)

The first story of the Republic of Korea started here, in Incheon. The “First Ever” is the main value of our city brand meaning ‘to become Korea’s first and Incheon’s best.’ The “First Ever” is Incheon’s spirit of opening a new chapter of Korea and willingness for a new adventure. This is the force of what made the Republic of Korea today.

 Brand Slogan : all_ways_Incheon
Incheon Metropolitan City's brand slogan "all_ways_Incheon" means "all ways lead to Incheon," a place which opens the way to the Republic of Korea, connects the way to the world, and becomes the road for you and me. It represents the present and orientation of Incheon Metropolitan City and has the function to effectively convey the message and value of the city brand.

모든 길은 인천으로 통한다 all_ways_Incheon (바다색)         모든 길은 인천으로 통한다 all_ways_Incheon (하늘색)

 Brand Identity
Incheon’s basic BI is the representative symbol of the city brand. In order to emphasize "Inchon" itself, it was produced into the word mark. Among the word mark alphabets, I and N were designed with motifs of Palmido Lighthouse (I) and Incheon Bridge(N), chosen among the first and best symbols of Korea and Incheon. The two N's have the meaning of the "connection and expansion," which is the characteristic of Incheon.
 Basic type of Design
The most commonly used type. It is recommended to use a combination style of brand slogans (including taglines).

 Specific color for the BI
The colors of the sky and sea are applied to the BI in order to represent and symbolize the road.


 Black-and-white application to the background according to the brightness

If a white background is not available, the BI image can be applied with no significant damage in case the brightness value is less than 40% by the standard of black. Even the brightness value is within the above standard, blue which is the color of the BI and its complementary color should not be applied to the background.
바탕 명도별 흑백활용 (INCHEON)

* For other details not mentioned above, please refer to the Incheon Brand Guidebook.


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