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A_type horizontal combination


B_type Horizontal combination

Incheon Metropolitan City

C_type Horizontal combination


User regulations

Basic elements including the symbol mark are representations of Incheon’s image therefore form the most important key element in the C.I. As such, they must be used in accordance with the design regulations applied to each item. These designs can be used in various internal and external promotions to convey and spread the correct image of Incheon.

Download the EPS file 

The jpg, ai files for relevant images can be found at the Incheon Metropolitan City official website – Regional development – Urban design library - “Incheon Metropolitan City Urban Brand AI, JPG file” page.
(Shortcut : http://field.incheon.go.kr/board/1290/1655932?category=)


The user can freely use the public work without fee,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose,
or to change or modify the contents of public work.