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국문 시그니춰 이미지
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국영문 시그니춰 이미지
User regulations

The signature was developed in order to combine the symbol mark and logotype effectively which helps create a consistent image of Incheon Metropolitan City. The appropriate form can be chosen depending on the medium the signature is to be applied, and to that end, Incheon has developed a signature system in Korean, English, Chinese characters, and Korean-English combinations. As such, there are no restrictions to the signature’s application with regards to vertical combinations or horizontal combinations. When the signature is used, however, its proportions or gap, size cannot be altered arbitrarily and the designated color schemes must be observed as well.

The jpg, ai files for relevant images can be found at the Incheon Metropolitan City official website – Regional development – Urban design library - “Incheon Metropolitan City Urban Brand AI, JPG file” page.
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Exclusive colors

전용색상은 심볼마크, 로고타입과 더불어 인천광역시의 이미지를 전달하는 가장 기본적인 요소

User regulations

Exclusive colors, along with the symbol mark and logotype, are one of the most fundamental factors that convey Incheon Metropolitan City’s image. In principle, the exclusive colors must be used independently, or they can be printed using a 4 Color Process under unavoidable circumstances. In terms of the color’s name, it must be emphasized that they are exclusive to Incheon Metropolitan City rather than ordinary colors. When the city’s exclusive colors are used, users must refer to the sample color chart to avoid any problems.

The user can freely use the public work without fee,
but it is not permitted to use for commercial purpose,
or to change or modify the contents of public work.