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We introduce you to the design for Incheon’s vision slogan and manuals for developing various promotional materials under the 6th democratically elected metropolitan government.
 Incheon Metropolitan City develops designs that combine designs for logos, exclusive logotypes, and images that represent they city’s vision slogan “Incheon’s Dream, Korea’s Future”. It also publishes and distributes user manuals for each type to install and maintain promotional materials systematically.
  • Key contents
    • Development of standard systems
      • Designs for slogan standard type, logo type, advanced type
      • Combination of exclusive colors and regulations for printed colors
      • Combination of notations in foreign languages (English, Chinese)
    • Development of advanced systems
      • Templates: templates for general affairs, business cards, envelopes, memo pads
      • Promotional materials: sample renderings for posters and promotional posters on buses
      • Signage: samples for various elements including comprehensive building information signage, signboards for main entrances, rooftop advertisements & outdoor standing advertisements, roadside installations
  • Application methods
    • Utilizing various printed advertisements, promotional materials, and internal templates
    • Utilizing for internal and external advertisements at metropolitan events and conferences including Incheon AG·APG
    • Promotions using large standing billboards at major city inlets and outlets including airports, ports, and highways
    • Promotions using public facilities including terminals, subway stations, and large buildings
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