Incheon Support Center for Foreign Workers

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Provides foreign workers with labor-related counseling and support services for life in Korea.

•website : (Available in English)
•Telephone Inquiries : (032)431-5757
•Address : 220, Hogupo-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon (Nonhyeon-dong)

Key Programs

Counseling Service • Labor legal advice (overdue wages, change of employer, industrial accident, 4 major social
   insurances and EPS 4 major insurances etc.)
• Personal and legal counseling (civil and criminal cases, sojourn, traffic accidents, injuries,
  illnesses and counseling on everyday life)
• Interpretation services in native language (interpretation services available in 10 languages)
Educational Program • Korean language and computer lessons, legal education, industrial safety training and crime
  prevention education
• Traffic safety education and driver license written tests
Others • Community meetings, sports events, year-end events and cultural visits
• Regional cultural events, free health screening services and dental services
※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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