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In terms of taxation, there are "national taxes" that cover national financial needs, and "local taxes" which constitute the income of local governments that feature regional characteristics.
Most of national taxes involve income and consumption which require fair burden on all citizens across the country. Meanwhile, taxes on land and buildings play important roles in taxes levied on local communities.
National Tax
  · National tax is levied by the National Tax Service. It funds national-level operations and includes income tax, corporate tax,
    inheritance tax and gift tax, comprehensive real estate holding tax, and value added tax.
  · National tax inquiries - National Tax Service website: (English support available) ☏126
Local Tax
  · Local tax is levied by the Taxation Divisions at each city, province, county, and district. It funds municipal-level operations
    and includes acquisition tax, residence tax, and automobile tax.
  · Local tax inquiries - WETAX website: (English, Japanese, Chinese support available ☏02-110)
    Various reporting services besides nationwide and local tax inquiries/payments are available on the WETAX website.

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