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KEPCO website : www.kepco.co.kr (English, Chinese, French, Spanish available) ☏ 123
   You have to pay as much as you use monthly. All payment due dates are different from area. You can find your payment 
   with your TV license fee. You can pay by visiting bank or electronic transfer.
 ※ It is possible to inquire the power rate and pay through cyber branch of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)


Incheon Waterworks Headqarters Website : www.waterworksh.incheon.kr (English available) ☏ 120
   Waterworks team in Incheon Metropolitan City manages Incheon's tap water. You have to pay bill monthly. In multiplex
   residence, there can be only one water meter device or one water device per households. In the apartment, every
   household pays the whole apartment bill. When you checked the payment but if you feel you are paying too much,
   check for leaks.
Tip for prevention of freezing and burst !
• After filling with lagging such as old clothes in the box of water meter, it should be covered with plastic to block the
   flow of cold air.
• In case of going out, when not using tap water, It is better to open a tap of bathtub.

Gas (City Gas·LPG Gas)

Incheon City Gas website : www.icgas.co.kr ☏ 1600 - 0002
   Open the middle valve when you are using gas. If not, make sure you lock the middle valve. It is important to do gas 
   safety check when you are using LPG gas and city gas. In order to check gas leaks, mix washing liquid and water with
   1:1 ratio and then apply that liquid to the connected hose. If there is no reaction, there is no gas leak but if you see any
   bubbles near the hose, that means gas is leaking, fix as soon as possible. When you are using city gas, the gas
   company visits your place to check monthly.

Precautions when you move!
• Electricity and water fees: On moving day, after confirming the current usage of electricity and water meter and
   calculate them.
 - Inquiries on electricity fees: Korea Electric Power Call Center (☎123)
 - Inquiries on water fees : Michuhol Call (☎120)

• Gas fees: Before you move, you are supposed to notify the date you move, address, contact in advance and an
   employee of customer service will visit and take a step such as calculation of gas charges, removal·connection of
   gas range and intermediate valve.
 - Inquiries on gas fees : Incheon City Gas Call Center (☎1600-0002)

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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