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Multicultural Family Support Center

Provides family education, consultation and cultural programs for multicultural families, helps foreign spouses to quickly adapt to the Korean society and promotes family stability in multicultural families.

■ Incheon Multicultural Family Support Center (9 districts)
District Address Website Telephone No.
Jung-gu  23, Dapdong-ro, Jung-gu (Gyoung-dong) (032)891-1094
Dong-gu 44-21 Hwadojinro Donggu (032)773-0297
Nam-gu 189, Soseong-ro, Nam-gu(Hagik-dong) (032)875-1577
Yeonsu-gu 109, Cheongneung-daero, Yeonsu-gu(Yeonsu-dong) (032)851-2740~2
Namdong-gu 645, Sorae-ro, Namdong-gu (Mansu-dong) (032)467-3912
Bupyeong-gu 103, Yeorumul-ro, Bupyeong-gu(Sipjeong-dong) (032)511-1800~1
Gyeyang-gu 102-5, Gyeyangsan-ro, Gyeyang-gu (Gyesan-dong) (032)541-2860~1
Seo-gu 6, Gyeongmyeong-daero 693beon- gil, Seogu (Gongchon-dong) (032)569-1560~2
Ganghwa-gun 11-1, Bungmun-gil, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun(Gwancheong-ri) (032)933-0980~1

■ Key Programs
Counseling Service • Counseling for multicultural families and their immigrated children
• Provides information about life in Korea
Translation service • Provides translation services to facilitate communication among family members and
   interpretation services for life in Korea or during emergencies
• Provides translation support via telephone and email
Educational Program • Korean language class, child education, multicultural understanding program
• Basic job training
  - Information literacy, job etiquette and personal image making etc.
Others • Community meetings, volunteer work, cultural experience


Publication of Dasarang webzine

Publish information on multi-culture family policies and other news for multi-culture families in Korean, English, Chinese, and Vietnam on the website.
  • Department: Incheon Help Center for Foreigners
  • Website: → Downloads → Dasarang News
  • Inquiry: (032)429-2675

Web portal to support multicultural families, ‘Danuri’

• Operating department: Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
• Contents : The website offers basic information, the latest news related to multicultural issues, and academic contents
                  which people need in order to adapt successfully to life in Korea in 13 different languages.
• Supported languages : Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog (the Philippines), Mongolian, Russian,
                                   Khmer (Cambodia), Japanese, Thai (Thailand), Uzbek, Lao, and Nepali
• Access method : Log onto the official website at or download and install the mobile application for
                           your smartphone (search for ’danuri’ in the Appstore)
• Danuri Call Center phone number : 1577-1366

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