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Incheon Immigration Center

• Address : 393, Seohae-daero, Jung-gu, Incheon (Hang-dong)
• Floor Information
Floor No. Key Tasks
1 • Immigration Services (Lunchtime (11:30~13:30) shift work)
 - Visa extension and change of visa status
 - Application and extension of alien registration card, application for permanent residency etc.
 - Separate counters available for foreigners from China and other countries
• Visa and Proof Issuance
 - Application for visa issuance certificate and proof issuance etc.
2 • Citizenship Services (Lunchtime (11:30~13:30) shift work)
 - Application and renunciation of citizenship etc.
• Investigation Division (Lunchtime (12:00~13:00) closed)
 - Investigation of actual conditions and trends etc.
3 • Immigration Help Center (Lunchtime (12:00~13:00) closed)
 - Social integration program (Classes on Korean language and understanding the Korean society)
 - Programs for foreigner spouses (marriage immigrants) etc.
4 • Protection Room, Interview Room (Lunchtime (12:00~13:00) closed)
 - Application to visit foreigner under protection etc.
 - Inspection, notification disposition and report of immigration offender
• Reserved visit programs now fully in effect
Incheon Immigration Office launched the Reserved Visit Program for all visiting users for the residence services starting from May 2, 2016.
※ Visitors without a reservation cannot be served within the same day.
◦ Foreigners subject to the program: Foreigners who live in Incheon, Bucheon, and Gimpo.
◦ Applicable services: Foreigner registration, extension of stay, changes status of stay, and any other services related to the residency.
(However, it is still possible to be served for other services such as the issuance of the certificates, picking up the foreigner registration card, and submission of supplementary documents.)

① Access Hi Korea (
② Click 'Reserve Visit' > 'Appointment reservation(immigration)'.
③-1. Members who signed up with Hi Korea: Click ‘Appointment reservation(member)’ -> Input your ID and password to access.
-2. Non-member, registered foreigners: Click “Appointment reservation(non-member)” > Input the Alien(Domestic) registration number (place of residence), Issue date (see the bottom right corner of the front side of the registration card) to access.
-3. Non-member, non-registered foreigners:
Click “Appointment reservation” -> Click “Identification with a passport number”.
Input the passport number, Country, and date of birth to access.
④ Input following reservation information in the reservation form and press ‘Submit’.
* Responsible organizations: Click the ‘Information on the Jurisdiction’ button to check out which office has the jurisdiction and select the office.
*Type of the filing counter: Select the service area that fits your need (you may not be served within the same day if you chose the wrong button that does not fit to your need.)
* Name and phone number of the visiting individual, etc.: Provide the name, phone number of the visitor and the number of the foreigners who apply for services (up to 3).
* Date of visit: Select the time and date when you need to visit us.
* Purpose of the visit: Please input general information on the type of service you require (ex: Extension of the F4 visa validity, F6 status change, etc.)
* Password: Input your password in order to make changes in the future as necessary.
⑤ Click the ‘Submit’ button to check you reservation information and print out the reservation ticket.
- You may also print out the reservation ticket at ‘My Page > Appointment Reservation Status.’
⑥ Come to the office on the reserved date and time. Bring your reservation ticket with you.

※ More details may be obtained at Incheon Immigration Center.

■ Directions
  - Bus : (Blue Bus) 12, 24, 9 (Green Bus) 517, 519; Alight at Incheon Immigration Center
  - Subway : Take subway line 1 and alight at Dongincheon Station → Take bus no. 9, 12 or 24 and alight at Incheon
                  Immigration Center

Key Programs

Korea Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP)
   A program that helps immigrants to adapt quickly to the Korean culture and language so that they may easily integrate
   into Korean society. Various benefits are given to immigrants who have completed this program, such as 'exemption 
   from written test required for citizenship acquisition' etc.

  ■ Benefits of Program Completion
   • Exemption from written test and interview required for citizenship acquisition
   • Reduced waiting time for citizenship assessment
   • Exemption from proof of Korean language ability when changing visa status etc.
   ※ More details on the benefits may be obtained at Incheon Immigration Center (032)890-6300

   ■ How to Apply and Eligibility
    • Apply online via Soci-Net Immigration & Social Integration Network (
    • All immigrants and citizens may apply according to their preferences
Guide to International Marriage Program
   A program that helps parties of international marriages form happy families by helping them understand their spouses
   who grew up in a different culture and environment. Systems related to international marriages, local culture, visa
   procedures and matters to take note are covered in the program.

   ■ How to Apply and Eligibility
    • How to Apply : Apply after registering as a member on Soci-Net Immigration & Social Integration Network
       Koreans who intend to form international marriages with foreigners from countries officially declared by the Minister of
       Justice or those who, having formed international marriages, wish to invite their foreigner spouses to Korea.
       Koreans, who intend to form international marriages with foreigners from the following countries, must complete the
      'Guide to International Marriage Program.'
    • Applicable to countries: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Thailand
    ※ Application details may be found on the Soci-Net Immigration & Social Integration Network 
         website :
Early Adaptation Program

   A program that provides all long-term stay immigrants in Korea with basic information on lifestyle, law and systems 
   required for adaptation to the Korean society.

   ① Foreign Spouse
     • Applicable to: Foreigners who first entered Korea with F-6 Visa (foreign spouses), their Korean spouses and families
      - Also available for those who have completed alien registration
      - The Korean spouse and family must accompany the foreigner spouse on the program
     • Benefits: 2 years extension for first extension of stay period

    ② Overseas Korean
     • Applicable to: Overseas Koreans who wish to carry out alien registration with working visit (H-2) visa
     ※ Except for those re-entering Korea after expiration of stay period (H-2-7) (Not required to submit certificate of program
         completion during alien registration)
     • Required to submit 'Certificate of Early Adaptation Program' during alien registration

    ③ Foreign Student
     • Applicable to: Newly admitted foreign students (D-2, D-4-1 etc.)
     ※ Also available for existing foreign students who have not participated in the program before In addition, this program
         is targeted at foreign entertainers (E-6-2), immigrated children, foreigners from foreigner-populated areas, foreign
         language instructors (E-2) and so on.
     • How to Apply: Apply after registering as a member on Soci-Net Immigration & Social Integration Network.

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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